Field Rules

No one likes being told what they can and can’t do, we get that, but there are a few things we need to mention to make sure everyone is a happy sniffer. Sad sniffers just wouldn’t be right!

Before you arrive:

  • You use the field at your own risk: Please take care when using Happy Sniffers as we aren’t responsible for any incidents within the field or car park area.
  • Make sure your dog is wormed: Please make sure your dog is wormed and up to date with vaccinations to help keep everyone safe.
  • Choose your shoes wisely: Our field can be soft and muddy (great for dogs!) so please bear this in mind when choosing your footwear.

When you get here:

  • Tick tock! Arrive on time: Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before your session starts. This helps with the flow of field users and reduces distress for nervous dogs/owners. Sessions won’t be extended if you arrive late either, so please arrive on time.
  • Take care and stay alert: Please be cautious when approaching the site and stay alert for pedestrians, dogs, horses and other road users.
  • Patient pooches: Please respect other owners and dogs by waiting patiently in your car or away from the entrance until the previous visitor has secured their dog(s) in their car and are ready to leave.
  • Keep your dog secure while in the car park: Please keep your dog(s) on a lead until you’re safely within the field and the gate is closed.
  • Secure your vehicle: Vehicles are left at your own risk so please lock your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight while using the field.

While you’re using the field:

  • Shut the gate: Please make sure the field gate is closed as soon as you enter and leave the field.
  • Bag it and bin it: Here at Happy Sniffers we’re all about the good sniffs. Needless to say, we expect you to pick up your dog’s poop and put all rubbish in the bin provided (because no one wants to be sniffing that).
  • Poop alert: If you come across any dog poop that wasn’t left by your dog, we’d be really grateful if you could please flag it with one of the flags dotted around the field.
  • Supervise children: If you’re bringing children to the field, that’s no problem, but please make sure they’re supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No climbing: While our fences and gates are super secure, they’re not made for climbing. Please keep off so we can keep the dogs in.
  • Throw with care: Please feel free to bring balls, frisbees and other retrieving toys to have fun with your dog. But please throw with care as any items thrown over the side or back fences aren’t to be recovered.
  • Watch the clock: Please keep an eye on the time so you can leave the field and secure your dog(s) in your vehicle in time to allow the next field users to enter the field at the start of their session.

Cancellation Policy

  • Plans can change, so we’re happy for you to change or cancel your session up to 2 hours before your scheduled start time. Unfortunately, if you make a change after this time or if you do not use your booking, we’re unable to offer a refund. Any changes will be charged at £1 to cover administrative costs.
  • While we hope it never comes to it, we reserve the right to close the field at any time. In these exceptional circumstances, we’ll issue a full refund for any affected sessions.

This is such a great place to practice recall and basic training with my new dog, away from the distraction of other dogs, people and everything else!


It was great to meet my friend and her dog to socialise my puppy in a big but safe and secure environment off lead. We’ll definitely be coming back again.


Now I’m working from home, the field is great because it means I schedule our walk in my diary and my dogs can get straight to what they love - running about and chasing a ball off-lead. It’s such a great space.


As someone who can’t walk a dog on a lead due to a disability, the Happy Sniffers field is ideal for me to enjoy the outdoors and safely walk my dog.


Having a nervous rescued greyhound, the field is a space he can feel more comfortable and run around without fear. It also gives us confidence that he’s safe and can enjoy running free.