About Us

Hello, I’m Penny.

I went from walking my own dogs to walking dogs for a living, clocking up over 50 miles a week walking in and around South Cave and North Cave, getting out into the fields to let the dogs roam free. A great way to spend my days, yes, but I was reminded how busy the public footpaths can get and that they’re not suitable for every dog (or owner).

Sniff, sniff, sniff!

What’s better than seeing your dog having the time of their life sniffing, exploring and happily walking (or racing) about before coming home cream-crackered but oh so happy? A happy dog makes a happy owner, am I right? If you love your dog and are doing what you can to give them a great life, we’ve already got something in common.

Where will your paws take you today?

While long, lead-free walks morning, noon and night are lovely, busy lives don’t always mean we can squeeze in the miles. Which can leave our furry friends giving us ‘the look’.

You know the one I mean. The doleful eyes, the paw tap or fetching the lead, willing the humans out for a walk. And when that doesn’t work? The simple, loud and generally effective incessant barking at the door demanding to be exercised. Let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t have time to accommodate all that sniffing! Sometimes we just need a place where our dogs are guaranteed the space and freedom to run about, do their business and have a good sniff.

That’s where we come in. Happy Sniffers is for every dog and every dog owner.

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This is such a great place to practice recall and basic training with my new dog, away from the distraction of other dogs, people and everything else!


It was great to meet my friend and her dog to socialise my puppy in a big but safe and secure environment off lead. We’ll definitely be coming back again.


Now I’m working from home, the field is great because it means I schedule our walk in my diary and my dogs can get straight to what they love - running about and chasing a ball off-lead. It’s such a great space.


As someone who can’t walk a dog on a lead due to a disability, the Happy Sniffers field is ideal for me to enjoy the outdoors and safely walk my dog.


Having a nervous rescued greyhound, the field is a space he can feel more comfortable and run around without fear. It also gives us confidence that he’s safe and can enjoy running free.